Brief introductory on advertising agencies

Brief introductory on advertising agencies

Advertising agency . Consultancy firm that gives a large spectrum of assistance pertaining to the planning, supervision and examination of advertisement campaigns and different consultancy services associated to the information and picture of client firms and their trademarks.Sealed primary organization’s services, you can identify two main types of advertising agency, namely the ‘ creative agency (creative advertising agency) and the media center (advertising media agency), whose peculiar features that distinguish today they were previously carried out by a single structure, the so-called full service agency. The full service agency essentially carried out press, radio, poster and TV campaigns and was able to handle all aspects of communication : market research , media selection and planning, message development, production, etc best advertising agency in Melbourne.

Remuneration system . The compensation that the agency receives for the services offered to the client (known as the agency fee) can correspond to a percentage of the budget invested by the client (generally, for projects that involve the purchase of advertising space on traditional media ) and, at least in part, can be integrated with an incentive system based on the performances achieved (for example, the increase in sales generated by the advertising campaign).

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The departments of an advertising agency

Traditionally, the advertising agency (full service) is divided into 5 operational departments that flank and support the general management: Account, Creative, Media, Production and Administration. Over time, new departments have been added to these departments in order to satisfy the changing needs of the market. The range of services offered by the advertising agency has, in fact, developed with the rapid evolution of digital technologies and the multiplication of communication channels (see Media ). Now let’s see in detail the individual agency departments:The account department deals with budget management , customer relations and coordination of the process of creating an advertising campaign . The account group is entrusted with the task of drafting the brief for the creative department which contains indications regarding the communication objectives regarding the target to be reached, the tone of the communication, the specific quality or performance of the product or brand to be highlighted through advertising . See Account for more information.

The creative department deals with the design of advertising campaigns. The creative couple has the task of elaborating the creative concept and strategy of the campaign: art director and copywriter work together to create the image, the message not only based on their own sensitivity, but in relation to the characteristics of the target, the nature of the product and the competitive environment. On the basis of the brief , the creative group elaborates its proposals and prepares the presentation materials to the marketing group of the company. Once the creative proposals are accepted by the customer, we move on to the production phase.

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